Take care of your toys!


The main reasons for storing your boat or pontoon indoors are to protect it from moisture exposure from rain and snow, sun exposure, extreme temperatures, and mechanical issues arising from disuse. Taking proper steps to care for your boat in the winter helps assure your toys will be ready come spring and that they will last for years to come. Feel free to contact Mapleton Marine to discuss everything you can do to take care of your boat or pontoon in the off-season.

Under 20′ in length
$55.00 per month

storage20′ -25′ in length
$65.00 per month

Over 25′ in length
$75.00 per month

$65.00 per month

With Trailer
$75.00 per month

10′ wide pontoon or boat
$85.00 per month

We offer storage during the summer months for:
*Fish House(s)
*Antique automobiles and tractors

**please call for pricing**